Are you ready to move forward in the home buying process, but haven't quite made up your mind on whether you're looking for single or double storey living? You're not alone; the choice can prove to be a challenging one for would-be buyers. Many prospective homebuyers find themselves struggling to decide if one or two floor living would best accommodate their needs and lifestyles.

Single Level Living Offers Unparalleled Features and Benefits

While two storey houses have certainly gained popularity in recent years, it's important not to discount the many features and benefits offered by one storey options, particularly those that come well-appointed with high-end luxury amenities. Opting for a single storey floor plan offers a wide range of advantages including:

More possible square footage: Depending on the style of house that you're looking for, a one floor house can actually deliver more room to roam than its two floor counterparts, because you don't have to waste valuable space putting in stairways. You can get quality range of multi Storey Homes at an affordable price via website.

Higher ceilings: Love the look of cathedral and vaulted ceilings? They'll be hard to come by in a house with double floors. However, by keep your living space on the ground level; the sky is the limit when it comes to how high you'd like your ceilings to be.

Fewer bathrooms needed: On houses with a single flooring plan, homeowners actually need less total bathrooms, since everything is all on the same level. This can save a significant amount of money when initially purchasing the property; as well as save in annual taxes throughout the time you own your home.

Safer for children and pets: Many double floored homes put the bedrooms upstairs, meaning that homeowners have to thoroughly childproof and safeguard all the windows on that level to protect children and pets from a fall. Choosing a home that offers ground floor living instantly eliminates the chance of a second-level fall from occurring. You can also choose two storey homes Perth to get amazing design that is most suitable and that fits your requirement.

Easier to evacuate: No one likes to think about an unexpected emergency happening at home. Unfortunately, it can happen. By keeping everyone on a single level of living space, you instantly increase your odds of a seamless evacuation, should the need ever arise.

No upstairs traffic: finally, it’s a secret that two levels of living can mean heavy, disturbing upstairs noise and foot traffic that can be a major disruption to everyone downstairs. Single level living means you'll never have to worry about someone with a heavy tread causing a disturbance right over your head.

Partner With A Reputable Building Contractor For Your Next Home

The best way to ensure you get everything you want in your next home, once you've decided that single floor living is the right choice for you? Partner with a reputable building contractor that specializes in this type of floor plan. You can click to read more about efficient design to make your Home beautiful.

You'll gain access to their knowledge and architectural expertise, helping to guarantee that you get exactly what you're looking for, without having to pay for features and amenities that aren't important to you.